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MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10

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Exquisite Zinc Alloy Smart Watch Specially Designed For Modern Ladies ⌚

  Full Touch Screen 1.57" LCD Display

  Realtek RTL8762CK High-Speed Processor

  Sync Up With Apple Health

  Blood Pressure Monitor & Blood Oxygen Measurement

  Heart & Sleep Monitoring

  Long-Lasting Battery Life

  Real-Time Message Reminder & Multiple Sports Mode

  IP68 Water-Resistant

  Customizable Watch Face

Technology and fashion are interacting more than ever before these days. Smartwatches, for example, are both fashionable and useful, making them an ideal gift for any modern woman. MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10 gives you a fashionable look while still allowing you to use all of the smartwatch's features.

MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10 weighs significantly less than other similar lady's smartwatches. Our goal is to make sure that every woman is able to wear it comfortably at all times, including working, exercising, and sleeping.

MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10 is ideal for everyday usage since it keeps all of your important information on your wrist. This smartwatch is capable of much more than merely telling the time or track your fitness regime. It will notify you when there is a new text and display incoming calls, so you won't miss out on any important messages and calls.

Not only it syncs your calls and messages, but it also keeps track of your health information such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and sleep routine.

MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10 can also assist you in maintaining a balanced diet and monitoring your workout routine. This high-end smartwatch can demonstrate that you deserve a healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10

  Premium Quality 1.57" LCD Display

Full 1.57" HD Touch Screen with 3D curved glass.

 High Speed Processor

Using the most recent advanced Realtek RTL8762CK high-performance Bluetooth chip.

  Lightweight & Ultra Modern

Lightweight, built with Zinc Alloy and high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane strap.

  Sync Up With Apple Health

MPG Premier Watch Z10 could sync with Apple Health, which is an Apple app that monitors health data from your iPhone. To keep track of your progress in one place.

  Blood Pressure Monitor

Your blood pressure may be monitored straight from your watch. *Please keep in mind that this is not medical equipment and should only be used as a reference only.*

  Blood Oxygen Measurement (SpO2)

Blood oxygen testing is especially essential for high-intensity workers and the elderly. The timely detection of blood oxygen can assist in the understanding of the physical state. *Please keep in mind that this is not medical equipment and should only be used as a reference only.*

  24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate data detection is supported via mobile phone synchronization.

  Sleep Monitoring

To assist in improving sleep patterns, it helps to keep track of your sleep at various periods throughout the night.

 Multiple Sports Modes

Built-in multiple sports modes, including indoor and outdoor.

  High Accuracy Professional Steps Counting Algorithm

Intelligent calculation of walking distance and calorie intake computation with real-time display of exercise heart rate, steps, miles, calories, etc.

  Real-Time Reminder. Phone | Message | Reminder | Notifications

Phone calls and text messages are shown on your wrist in real-time. You won't miss any important messages or calls.

  180mAH battery for long-lasting usage

Usage up to 7 days on a single charge, which has a much better battery duration than the other similar smartwatches

  IP68 Water-Resistant

It may be used during high-intensity workouts with water splashes and rain. Not recommended for swimming.

  Custom Watch Face

Customize your favorite photos and use them as your watch's wallpaper.

What's In The Box?

1 x MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10

1 x Original Retail Hard Box

1 x USB Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

* Express 6 to 10 Days Delivery With USPS or DHL Express *

App DownloadScreen SizeWatch WidthWatch Thickness
Watch LengthDisplayWeight (Watch+Box)Charging Time
45mm1.57" Full Touch HD Display0.15kg2hours
Battery CapacityOperating System
180 mAhAndroid 5.0 or above, IOS 10.0 or above

5 reviews for MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10

    Dina E.
    Y’all might have something here. I love how it link with my IPhone allowing me to read my texts as well. Reading my blood pressure and my heart rate. Love how many steps I walked to reach my goal. I downloaded the app and it will give all of my information at the end of the day when I take my watch off. Then I start all over with a new day. It’s very stylish in the rose color. The black watch will be a birthday gift. I have a great feeling they will love it, because I love mines. Thanks for the quick delivery. Good job of the design style and the features ❤️ Item type: White Gold
    Claudia. G, Los Angeles
    So far, I am in love with this watch!!! My only recommendation is that it emits a sound as well as vibrates when there is an alert. I'd also like it to notify me when my pulse and blood pressure are too high. “Outstanding product!
    Isabelle. K, Chicago
    I adore my new smartwatch.” I've purchased numerous smartwatches in the past, but this is by far the finest one I've purchased. I'm thinking about getting another one for my sister and another for my dear friend. ” Strongly recommended!
    James. W, New York
    I got this smartwatch for my sister's birthday, and she really loves it! She is astounded by how comfortable it is to wear and all of the excellent functions that are so handy. She wears it every day. I'm pleased I came across this website! It gives me a lot of great gift ideas and options.
    Gordon, O, Minnesota
    WOW! What a great find. After 37 years it gets tough to shop for my wife. Once I found the site I was amazed at the various options, but I kept coming back to the MPG Premier Lady Watch Z10. What a great find!
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